‘Duck Hunt Kazooie!’ shirt now available!

The Smash 4 demo is finally out for everyone outside of the Club Nintendo royalty and their lucky friends. After watching some of the full Japanese version’s gameplay with the Duck Hunt Duo, I had to make a certain mashup of sorts.

The shirts are currently available from S – XXL, but I can make larger sizes available on request!

ALSO, ENTER THE CODE LAYERUP2 AT CHECKOUT AND GET FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF TWO ITEMS OR MORE! Buy one for yourself and one of a friend who’ll appreciate it! Or just two different colors, if you want!

Obviously, the image on the shirt is NOT watercolored! Good to know, eh?

Duck Hunt Kazooie, watermarked for my protection!

Duck Hunt Kazooie, watermarked for my protection!


Illustration – Duck Hunt Duo!

Hey guys! I’m going to be starting a thing where I push myself to do a drawing a day, whenever possible.

Duck Hunt

Today’s drawing is the Duck Hunt Duo from the soon-to-be-released Super Smash Bros 4! I love the idea of the character, and I love how he shares traits with a certain, lovable duo who hasn’t made a Nintendo appearance since the Nintendo 64! Speaking of such a duo.. Another one is coming soon, and it will be available for sale! Keep an eye out!

9/17 Update: REVAMPING!

Hey guys!

Due to me being completely unable to focus on a single thing, I’m going to be revamping this blog! I want to have my usual animations and illustrations, I’m also going to be posting things like game reviews, general video game articles and essays, even gameplay from my YouTube channel, which I hope to have running and uploading daily by sometime in October.

Once all of this is figured out, I’m going to be redoing the entire layout of my site, so that you, my lovely viewer(s), can go to whatever content you want to go to. Wanna watch my hard work pay off in my cartoons? Sweet! Wanna watch me play a game with a video that took almost no effort at all instead? Awesome! Wanna read stuff? Go for it, man!

So yeah. Things are a’ changin’, man. It’s gonna be good!

Shootin’ Lemons, out now!

Hey guys!

A few days ago, I finished up, music and all, my latest cartoon! It was a real treat to work on, and I even made most of the music myself! I’ve already begun work on a few other projects, so, stick around!

I’ll also be posting more illustrations in the near future!



New toon, coming soon – ‘Shootin’ Lemons’!



Here’s a little teaser screen cap!

The animation is 100% done, I just need to figure out a music situation, most likely by making it myself via FL Studio and/or randomly beatboxing acapella into my phone. I DUNNO, MAN, WE’LL SEE!

Hopefully the process doesn’t take too long! I’m excited to get out my first toon on my new channel!

And, as always, I’m a few cartoons ahead of myself in regards to script, so I’ll me moving on to the next one while I figure out the music. And hopefully, if all goes well, a few friends of mine will be providing voices for the next one!

Here’s to the new toon, and many more in the future!


I had a small bout with insomnia, so I decided to do some doodling. I was inspired by the latest Epic Rap Battles of History episode and got to reading some Edgar Allen Poe, and for another drawing, attempted using a tool in Photoshop that I hadn’t used in a while – the Pen Tool. Finally, I began work on my second Vinemation, going for a moving comic feel, which is the third drawing in this post.

Enjoy! I’m going to do just that with the sunrise that’s currently brightening up my world.

Take care, guys!


New Cartoon! Backgrounds and Junk!

What’s happenin’, guys?

So, I thought I’d start posting a few drawings and whatnot, so I’ll make that a daily thing, whenever possible. Here, I just have some finished backgrounds for my current cartoon work-in-progress, one of which was the background for my first image I posted here.

I also have my first Vineimation completed, so I’ll upload that as well!

Take care, guys! See ya next time!

Lemonmain Lair PNG
lemonman room back
Room Background PNG